The East and West Flats

“The Main Floor Flats”

Emily Carr’s Flats

“The Main Floor East & West Flats”

Lower East and West Flats – The People’s Art Gallery

“An idea popped in my head. I would give an exhibition for ordinary people … Lower East had just fallen vacant. Lower West was going to be empty next week. The exhibition was varied … and successful … Victoria is just not art minded. … the People’s Gallery did not materialize.
Don’t give way to discouragement. Paint, paint!

House of All Sorts East and West FlatsEmily commissioned an architect to design the House of All sorts. In addition to the second-floor studio, the main floor has two flats, the East and West. Here, Emily rented these flats to provide income while she lived and painted in her studio above.

Evidence of Emily’s life her is still present. Her design of the cottage like east and west flats with sunny front porches. She included as many windows as there was room for , large and small.  The Flats still share a pass through door. Large private green back yard, were you would have found Emily with mature trees including one of her apple trees and blackberries. The basement below dark but inviting. Emily Carr shares her memories of life here in her book. The House of All Sorts.

The attic a place of solitude for Emily, her eagles, paintings and personal comforts are still here. Guests can arrange a visit to Emily’s attic on request.

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646 Simcoe St, Victoria, BC, Canada